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You Need to Take Your Cybersecurity Seriously

Small businesses have a lot to worry about in terms of technology, but one of the things that often gets overlooked is network security. Some small businesses feel that they are too small to be considered a viable target for hackers, but they are wrong; all businesses have data valuable for hackers in some form.

Imagine for a moment just how much sensitive data your business stores on its network. You have payroll records, including bank account numbers and routing numbers, personally identifiable information, contact information, and all of the details about your relations with your clients, as well. It doesn’t really matter what industry your business is in. All businesses should take security seriously. Here are some reasons why your organization should prioritize security.

Security is Proactive, Not Reactive

Imagine that your workday is disrupted by a security discrepancy that puts your entire infrastructure at risk, all because someone clicked on the wrong link in an email and downloaded an infected attachment. You now have to contend with the countless issues related to that threat. You can dodge these issues by protecting your business ahead of time so that they don’t affect you in the slightest. Imagine that same scenario, but with an adequate spam or phishing blocker. All of a sudden, that security solution paid for itself simply by preventing the downtime that clicking on such a link would cause.

Security Protects Your Business’ Future

If you were in the market for a new good or service, would you want to work with a company that doesn’t take your security and privacy seriously? This is one big reason why you need to protect your infrastructure; it protects the longevity of your organization. Businesses that let security fall to the wayside often lose clients because they don’t want to work with a business that is unreliable. When a business cannot obtain new clients due to word of mouth and online reviews soiling their reputation, that business is doomed to fail.

Security Keeps Your Bottom Line in Check

Businesses that fall victim to security threats or data breaches might become subject to fines as a result of exposing the wrong data to hackers. These fines, put in place by regulatory bodies, are preventative measures to encourage businesses to do the right thing and protect their infrastructures in a way that is consumer-friendly. These fines can be quite expensive, too, depending on the industry and the infraction. Cover all your bases now so you don’t have to pay up later down the road.

S3 Technologies can help your business implement security solutions that work for you. We can help you implement the strategies and tools you can use to keep your business safe both now and well into the future. To learn more, call us today at (505)242-5683.