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You May Be Surprised How Work Relationships Benefit from Remote Work

Today, there is a greater focus on mental health and wellbeing than ever before, especially in the shadow of the pandemic. Do you want to improve your employees’ relationships with their colleagues, family, and other important people in their lives? The key to doing so might be remote work, according to a new survey.

What the Research Says

A survey conducted by Deloitte’s Center for Technology, Media and Communications examined 2,005 United States consumers to gain some insight into people’s use of technology throughout the pandemic. You might be surprised by the results, or you might not be. Spoiler alert: it’s overwhelmingly in favor of remote or hybrid work operations.

The survey determined that among employed adult workers with remote work experience, three-quarters of them prefer remote or hybrid work compared to commuting to the office. About half of employed adults overall prefer remote or hybrid work compared to the traditional office environment. Note the significant difference in preference for those who have gotten a taste of remote or hybrid work during the pandemic, but even overall, there is a strong preference for remote or hybrid work.

Relationships Can Flourish from Remote Work

One of the big surprises from the survey focused on the benefits that employees experienced as a result of working remotely. The vast majority—eight-in-ten employees—found that their relationships improved or stayed the same as a result of working remotely. These types of relationships included personal, professional, familial, and even their relationships with themselves, citing better mental and physical wellbeing. About half of the respondents found a significant improvement in these areas of their lives.

It is worth noting, however, that employees did not see too significant an increase in their relationships with their bosses, supervisors, or colleagues, although they did not suffer a decrease either.

Implement Remote Technologies to Help Your Team

Many businesses were forced to transition to remote work policies following the pandemic, and while most employees have returned to their workplaces by now, there are still plenty who remain remote or under hybrid work arrangements. If your business wants to expand its capabilities by offering remote or hybrid arrangements on a more permanent basis, then we urge you to contact S3 Technologies.

We can help you implement all of the technology solutions your team needs to stay connected even while out of the office, including communication and collaboration tools, security solutions, and cloud-based storage or applications to ensure operations can continue as smoothly as possible. You might be surprised by how many employees can effectively do their jobs without being on-site.

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