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You Can’t Win ‘Em All, but You Can Be Ready

For competitive people, hearing the words “can’t win ‘em all” is infuriating. You want to win! These words, however, are completely true. Sometimes in business, you just lose. You may not be able to meet every deadline or win every sale, but there are things you can do to put your business in the best position to meet your goals. Today, we thought we would list a few things having the right technology strategy can do to help your business.

Get Every Tool You Need in the Cloud

There are many tools that can help you be successful. Certain specific tools can help you build a more efficient business pretty rapidly. For years, software tools would require buying a license for the year, but today, this situation is much different because of the cloud. Nowadays, any tool you could possibly use is available as a SaaS offering.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Essentially,  most software developers make their products available through a cloud platform that they host, manage, and maintain for a monthly rate. The more advanced the technology, the more you pay. For example, there are plenty of free open-source software out there that you can use, but much of those offerings may not integrate with other software or it may not have the advanced features of other applications. 

SaaS can present a few major opportunities for any organization. In fact, you can get about anything you want in the cloud nowadays. You can get productivity tools, advanced tools such as AI, and communications tools like email and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Let’s take a look at four major benefits SaaS can provide:

Cost Effectiveness

One of the main benefits of the cloud in general, and SaaS in particular, is that without massive investment and with generally average technology, organizations can get access to applications that can help them compete with larger, more well-funded companies. 


Another major advantage is that an organization can scale its tools at the drop of a hat. By adding and subtracting tools that usually come on a month-to-month contract, an organization can quickly rearrange its computing resources to meet the needs of its business. 


Since SaaS resources are hosted on an offsite data center, they are available anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. People can access these applications from their desks at work, their home computers, or, in many cases, even their smartphones. 

Management and Security

The provider manages SaaS resources, meaning that you don’t incur the cost and responsibility of managing the underlying infrastructure, the software updates, and the system’s security. You simply gain access to the digital resources you purchase.

If you want to win in today’s digital marketplace, you must embrace the digital tools that prospective customers require. To learn more about how S3 Technologies can help you position yourself aggressively to win more than you lose, call us today at (505)242-5683.

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