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Why Managed IT Services Just Makes Sense

Technology is what keeps the modern business running, be it something as simple as a word processor or as complex as a server unit. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with technology procurement, management, and maintenance. Let’s take a look at why this is the case and what you can do to help this process along, chiefly by implementing managed services.

The Alternatives Don’t Work

The primary reason why managed services work so well is because the alternatives are inferior, at least for small businesses. Many SMBs don’t have the same resources as large enterprises and, therefore, cannot effectively manage the solutions that might allow for better management or operations without a hefty investment. Furthermore, hiring professionals can also be expensive and time-consuming, especially for important positions like network administrators or Chief Information Officers. This combination of a lack of technology leadership and lack of technology maintenance or management creates the perfect storm where technology can start to hinder operations.

By the time technology starts to impact operations, it’s a slippery slope. When issues become larger problems, so too does the price tag of doing something about it. Thankfully, managed services give SMBs an out by ensuring that they have access to the same tools and resources that help larger enterprises be successful at a fraction of the cost.

Capital Expenses Can Add Up

Enterprises have the resources to throw at problems up-front, also known as capital expenses, whereas small businesses often do not have the budget to accommodate these costs. When server units or networking components fail, or any plethora of other problems occur all at the same time, this can create problems for SMBs. Managed IT services take capital expenses and transform them into operational expenses, a concept which is much more accommodating for limited budgets.

Minimal Downtime

When you replace technology, you are suffering a financial loss, but you are also paying for the time spent paying the employees who depend on that technology to just sit around and wait for you to offer a solution. This lack of productivity and downtime is remedied by managed services, as your technology stays operational and you will be more likely to have a contingency plan in place.

Hands-Off Maintenance

When you trust a managed IT service provider with the keys to your business technology, you free yourself from the burden of caring for it. You can then invest that time and energy into other endeavors, like implementing new solutions or improving operations. It’s amazing what you can fulfill when you don’t have to worry about your technology.

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