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VoIP Is the Ultimate Addition By Subtraction

With high-speed Internet practically being a necessity for today’s business, it isn’t a surprise that Voice over Internet Protocol has taken off in popularity over the past couple of years. A business that utilizes VoIP for communications rather than a telephone provider can expect to benefit in many ways. These are just a few of them.

Growing is Easier

Growing pains are very real and can be a problem for many small businesses. An organization could rapidly increase the size of its clientele in a relatively short period of time and grow quickly. In this scenario, adding resources can get tricky and expensive, but with hosted VoIP, it’s as simple as adding new lines. Since the phones hook into a PC or thin client, or work through an individual’s smartphone, you won’t have to worry about running telephone cable, eliminating the setup costs entirely. 

Pay What You Want for Services You Need

One of the best parts of hosted VoIP is that you can directly choose how you want to use the solution. Many businesses get in the position where they are paying money for services that are either underutilized or unused altogether. This is wasteful and can get expensive. Rather than pay for services you don’t need, you should instead opt for a service that only requires an Internet connection to function. You can choose which features are right for your situation and pay per line. This means that the VoIP solution ends up costing a fraction of what you’d pay with a traditional telephone service.

Additional Features

Telephone communications are generally limited to your standard features offered by the provider, like call forwarding, conference calling, and others that might have proven fruitful in years past. VoIP offers more dynamic options, like video conferencing, instant messaging, and other helpful tools that help you get the most out of your communications.

VoIP can help you revolutionize your business’ communications. Pick up the phone now and call S3 Technologies at (505)242-5683 to learn more about how hosted VoIP can work for your company.