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Using IoT to Take Control of Your Supply Chain Issues

The Internet of Things is a collective body of connected devices that perform various functions, most of which are devices that traditionally did not utilize Internet connectivity in the past, like thermostats or appliances. However, the Internet of Things can be used for so much more than controlling the heat in the office while you are away; it can be used to automate and manage a supply chain, too.

Specifically, the IoT can aid manufacturers and corporations by providing the ability to review operations, manage their inventory, and control dissemination of products. Consider it from this perspective. Imagine you are a vehicle manufacturer, and your factory is responsible for assembling, testing, and shipping the finished products to distributors for use by the consumers. Managing all of the many moving parts of this type of operation can be challenging, but the Internet of Things can simplify it somewhat—or at least automate certain aspects of it.

Inventory management can be automated, for example. When items are removed from the inventory, they can be scanned through the use of attached sensors or barcodes, removing them from the inventory and accounting for their use in assembly. This removes the need to track each of the parts individually, as the system makes all adjustments according to your specifications. Imagine how much time you can take back in this way!

The Internet of Things can also be used for diagnostics. With connected sensors and devices collecting data from across your network, manufacturers can use them to assure quality for their output. These connected devices can then send the data to a location where it can be analyzed for operational deficiencies and shortcomings, which in turn can prevent faulty products from hitting the market or becoming problems down the road.

The Internet of Things can even be used to track the shipment of products to their eventual destinations. Just like how products are scanned when they leave warehouses or storage facilities, they can be scanned back into inventories in much the same way, automatically updating the process with sensors or barcodes.

While the IoT can be insecure if not implemented properly, it presents a major opportunity for you to address your own organization’s inventory management practices. With the right solutions, you can change the way you keep tabs on your business for the better.

Depending on the type of business you run, you might get more value out of the IoT than others. To help you get the most out of the opportunities afforded by the IoT without any of the security shortcomings, we recommend working with our trusted technicians at S3 Technologies. With us on your side, you’ll be shocked by how much you can get done with a simple network audit! To learn more, reach out to us at (505)242-5683.