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Useful Gadgets for the Remote Worker

Before 2020, remote work was already growing, albeit much more slowly than we see this year (for obvious reasons), but now that just as many workers are working from home (or have the option to work remotely) as are working in the office, we’re beginning to see that it is a functional business model. With many remote workers fairly new to it, we thought we’d see what gadgets members of the Gig Economy are using. 

Laptop/Desktop Computer

All remote workers need a workstation, and most of them have to run several applications that allow them to do their job. As is true inside the workplace, it is essential that you have a reliable, powerful computer in which to do work on. If you have a tendency to travel, buying a powerful laptop is prudent, but if you are a static remote worker, there are some benefits of having a desktop computer. Regardless of what you choose, to be your most productive you will need a…


For desktop users, you will likely want two. Studies show that users are about one-third more efficient with a two-monitor setup than they are with a single screen. You will want a screen that easily connects to your hub or directly into your computer, and is big enough so that you can dock several windows on there. Now that you have your setup, you will need your…


A lot of new remote workers didn’t (or don’t) have the dedicated space to put in a proper desk, so they are forced to improvise. There are some great products on the market that will be of benefit for these types of workers. Bluetooth keyboards and mouses provide the ability for users to move around a little bit, making working without a dedicated workspace a little bit easier. Speaking of moving around a bit…

Wi-Fi Extender

For people that have a tendency to move around their place a little bit during the day, having a reliable internet connection is still extremely important. If your router doesn’t have the power to reach to the ends of your house or property, deploying a Wi-Fi extender can be a great way to get the strong wireless connection you need. With the Internet in more places, you can use…

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Not that the office can’t be, but at home there are distractions. If you have pets, kids, etc. around your house all the time, it may seem like a miracle when you get a chance to get some work done. Today, there are many brands of noise-cancelling headphones and earpieces. These not only provide insulation from the distractions, they can keep that noise from being broadcast to clients and co-workers. Of course you could use your phone for those calls with a…

Wireless Phone Charger

Most high-end phones nowadays (except for the OnePlus 7t) offer wireless charging as a standard feature of the device. Wireless charging is simple and chargers can come in many different ways. There are chargers you can buy for around $10, there are some built into an office chair’s arm, there are charging stations that are made by designer home goods manufacturers. Regardless of which you choose, wireless charging is useful and easy to use.

A lot of workers will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. If you would like to talk to one of our IT experts about procuring technology to help your staff stay productive during these strange times, call us today at (505)242-5683.