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The Cloud Continues Massive Growth

Cloud computing has been one of the most utilized tools for business in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it crucial for businesses to give remote access to tools and one effective way to make that happen was to look to the cloud. This has expanded an already booming market and presents businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to get the computing they need without huge upfront costs. Today, we’ll take a look at the cloud computing market and how you can leverage hosted computing solutions to improve your business. 

The Cloud Market

The cloud market was already hundreds of billions of dollars before 2020, but the realities of a global pandemic accelerated the growth of many cloud services. While overall growth might seem a little subdued when you look at the numbers, the percentage of growth cloud computing platforms saw in 2020 makes it one of the most utilized technologies in the world. 

Gartner has estimated that the 2020 public cloud market will come in around $258 billion which is a firm increase of 6.3 percent over 2019 numbers. In a clear recession that is extraordinarily impressive. What’s more, nearly half of all IT spending is now spent in the cloud. In fact, 60-to-70 percent of all new software purchased in 2020 were in the form of cloud solutions. 

A case could be made that cloud computing was COVID Kryptonite and it is actively changing the way we do business. The growth of AI and other automation-fueling technologies will be at the top of most business’ “get” lists as uncertainty takes hold over businesses. 

How Can My Business Use the Cloud?

Your business probably already has invested in cloud services at some point. If you have a hosted email server that you don’t have physical access to, you are using public cloud services. With the uncertainty of business today, with everything that is going on, having control over your digital resources is important.

One of the best reasons to use cloud services is that you can get the computing you need. Do you need a certain amount of file storage? You can get it in the cloud. Do you have a budget that is set in stone? You can find the resources you need in the cloud. Do you need scalable computing resources for specific project needs? The cloud presents a massive benefit for a business with variable user software demands. In fact, today, you can literally get any type of computing that you need in the cloud: from full infrastructures to host your business’ IT environments to software, to security to communications and much, much more.

Your business is most certainly a candidate for cloud services. It’s that simple. You just need some professional insight to help you determine what IT investments would be better off hosting yourself and which are right for the public cloud. At S3 Technologies, we have a team of certified technicians that are adept in the procurement, deployment, and support of today’s most important business technologies. Our staff can help you determine the best places to invest in IT, and how to keep your costs down at a time when everyone is looking to manage their budgets. Give us a call today at (505)242-5683 to see how we can help you use technology to build a better business.