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Which is Better? Wired or Wireless Connection

Make no mistake about it, connectivity to the Internet is paramount for any business. A surefire way to gauge this importance is to observe people’s reactions when they are informed that the Wi-Fi will be down for a few hours. In such a context, businesses face a crucial decision: should they opt for wired connections […]
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Does Your Organization Have Enough Bandwidth?

A lot of business is being conducted over the Internet right now, in terms of communication and transactions alike, which makes a business’ capability to remain connected to its clientele even more important. Now is not the time to wonder if your business is as connected as it should be, which means that you need […]
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A Look at Modern Networking

There are times when people take their technology for granted. One of the most under-the-radar, yet still critical parts of a business’ technology infrastructure is the networking equipment. By this we mean the hardware that connects your business to the Internet and to your network. We are talking cables, switches, and routers. This month, we […]
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More Effective for Business: Wireless vs Wired

Businesses’ data needs are rapidly changing. Today, data security is a pressing issue. Unfortunately, the amount of dangerous threats are expanding as well and it is important to ensure that any technology moves you make don’t end up putting your business in harm’s way. This month, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of wiring […]
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Building a Secure Wi-Fi Network

Maintaining network security is always a priority for the security-minded company, but if your organization’s strategy is to fly under the radar, you need a new plan. No business is too small to be a victim of a network breach. What most people who are tasked with coming up with a network security strategy for […]
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A Secure Wireless Network Allows for Better Business

Wireless Internet access for a user’s devices isn’t just a luxury these days–it’s expected. If the Wi-Fi drops out for any reason at all, chaos strikes, rendering any ability to stream content or access the Internet a moot point. This is particularly the case for businesses that have technology solutions reliant on wireless access. How […]
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WPA3 is Boosting Network Security

Did you know that prior to this past January, the last big update to Wi-Fi occurred in 2004, when WPA2 was released? The Wi-Fi alliance has introduced a new type of wireless connection called WPA3–one that can dramatically improve security. In reality, it was created with the intention of shoring up weaknesses found as a […]
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