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Small Businesses Can Rely On Managed IT Services for Key Improvements

What makes a small to medium-sized business so different from a large, enterprise-sized one? The amount of people and moving parts, of course, but if you really consider it, there isn’t all that much. This is why when looking to control your small business’ IT support costs, choosing managed IT services is a good option. This month, we thought we’d take a look at some of the other benefits managed IT can bring your organization:

Operational Focus

In a small business, defined roles can be rare. Often, small business leaders are stuck in a position where they have to see to other responsibilities that could have a negative impact on the business. Many times, this includes IT. 

We can help resolve this conflict. Rather than having your core employees diverting their attention to these other tasks, we will handle the IT management remotely—and proactively—so that your people can focus on tasks that promote revenue growth. 

Stronger Technology Strategy

It isn’t that many small and medium-sized businesses completely lack any technology planning,  it’s just that reacting to problems with information systems not only promotes downtime, it promotes rising costs, a situation that no business likes to see. 

Part of our responsibility as an MSP (Managed Services Provider) is to work with you to identify your business’ needs, both imminent and impending, and create a strategy to fulfill them all. While our experts at S3 Technologies can still appreciate technology that provides cool features, we also understand that the most important technology allows you to run your business more effectively. 

Predictable Costs

It’s as simple as this: would you rather pay to resolve expensive technology malfunctions and issues as they happen, incurring repeated downtime and frustration, or would you like to pay a set cost each month to proactively minimize these annoyances and maintain your productivity? 

It’s a loaded question.

This is the difference between the traditional approach to technology maintenance and the more effective strategy that you can gain through managed IT services. This can help you manage your IT support spend by giving you a predictable number each month. If you can avoid an extremely high number of IT problems while also not having to pay variable support costs each month, it puts your business in an advantageous position. 

Experienced Technicians

Unless you have made the recurring investment to have a dedicated team of IT professionals on staff, your organization likely lacks the knowledge, experience, and bandwidth to effectively manage its technology. Even if you do have some IT staff, it is cost effective to supplement your IT staff with co-managed services so that your technology is effectively managed and maintained. This can open your IT staff to focus on what’s next; a major benefit when you consider how fast technology is growing. 

If you would like more information about S3 Technologies, managed IT services, or any other technology-related services we can provide for your business, give us a call today at (505)242-5683.