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How a Co-Managed Strategy Can Be a Game Changer

We always try to communicate the numerous benefits of managed IT services, but when your business is happy to have their own internal IT department, those benefits tend to look less appealing. For organizations that rely on the expertise of their internal IT staff, they may not think they have a need for–or simply can’t afford–an outside IT presence. This misconception may actually be harming their businesses. Today, we will introduce co-managed IT services, and how they can be leveraged to maximum benefit.

Most companies choose to utilize either a dedicated IT department or outsource their technology to a provider that manages, monitors, and maintains the network and infrastructure (mostly) remotely. There are benefits to both methods, but sometimes one method isn’t enough. The IT department can be stretched too thin. It can either be distracted with new technology projects and lapse on the comprehensive management and maintenance of the organization’s IT; or, it can be forced to deal with all the technology problems that it doesn’t have time for the research and effort new projects often command. This leaves the organization short on coverage and on options.  

On the other hand, an MSP may use all the tools and expertise to properly manage and maintain the technology, but much of their expertise is delivered remotely. As a result, some businesses will spend more money hiring a dedicated team because they know where these professionals will be and can ensure that problems are handled immediately. 

This is Where Co-Managed IT Comes In

The co-management of an organization’s IT starts with the onsite IT administrator, or team of technicians. On average, IT professionals command around $63,000 per year. That means it may not be financially viable to pay the amount of technicians needed for coverage. Since they would typically be asked to look after all the technology for the company, having a shortage in talent can be a real problem. 

Many organizations that are looking to add productivity-fueling technology to their business take a long time to implement solutions. Co-management adds flexibility to your IT department by contracting a managed services provider to fill in the gaps. It frees the in-house IT staff up to focus on strategic IT issues by delivering comprehensive IT support. Best yet, it gives decision makers the option to deploy IT resources on projects that aim to improve productivity rather than spreading their in-house team too thin.

Some of the major benefits of utilizing a co-managed IT strategy include:

  • Lower costs – Co-managed services are provided for a fixed monthly rate, which allows decision makers to properly predict what their outlay will be. It will also serve to reduce IT costs and overhead. 
  • Gains in productivity – With IT being available more often, problems don’t take as long to resolve, making productivity more possible, more often. 
  • Boost to security – Managed IT service technicians work for multiple companies in multiple industries at once so they absolutely need to be versed in industry best practices of IT security. This puts any organization in a better position to keep threats out and eliminate security-induced downtime. 

With co-management, you will be able to implement new technology faster while still being able to support your staff and the IT they depend on. For more information about using S3 Technologies as a co-managed IT vendor call our consultants today at (505)242-5683.