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Getting the Right Communications Tools Can Really Help a Business

Business success relies in large part on communication. Any product or a service is entirely useless if there is no way to share or request information. Whether the communication is internal or external, the method upon which your business relies should be simple yet effective. This month, we will analyze the different methods of communication your business can use.

Why Do You Need a Strong Communication Strategy?

Ineffective communications can and will corrupt a business. Organizational goals, coming to agreements, selling your services, meeting effectively, all rely on effective communication. It is critical that your business is able to provide interpersonal or intrapersonal communication methods. 

What’s more, you stand to gain financially with improved communications. Your business’ operating income can be boosted by an estimated 19.2 percent over just a year with iron-clad communication. This figure disregards the estimated 32.7 percent decrease in growth that low engagement has been correlated to. 

Let us go ahead and look at the two different types of engagement your business should focus on: internal, and external. 

Internal Communications

Your employees deserve an effective communication strategy. Internal communications enable your team to work as a team. Whether an employee needs to check the status of a project, reach a different department or a supervisor, any in-house communication is referred to as internal. 

External Communication

All other communication is external. This would be anyone who is not a part of your team, like clients or vendors. Whomever it is, it typically will pertain to at least one of four goals:

  1. Passing Along and Receiving Instructions – Many types of communication in business are focused on assigning responsibilities and tasks. Lacking communications here contributes to many other serious issues.
  2. Sharing Information and Discussion – It is crucial that information reaches everyone that needs it in order for all assignments to be completed in a timely fashion, assuming they’re completed at all.
  3. Improving Performance Through Feedback – Can you really expect your employees to improve their job performance if they’re never informed of what needs to be improved, or what they’re doing correctly?
  4. Strategic Discussions – Without this communication taking place, a business will likely become stagnant in both its development and its growth. In order to boost the quality and productivity of these discussions, reliable communication tools are required.

Types of Modern Communication

There are a few different ways your business can achieve the stellar communication it needs. Some tools you will use include:

Web-Based Communications

Web-based communication is a very vague solution due to the sheer amount of ways we communicate via the web. Email, instant messaging, and many others all allow us to reach a person of interest. 


While it might seem like the business telephone will one day be phased out, it is still the predominant way to interact for business. With the introduction of Voice over Internet Protocol, telecommunications are easier to utilize.

Video Conferencing

Intrapersonal methods are extremely important to businesses. They are a great way to jump over the obstacle that is distance. Whether your employees are working from home, or across the nation, video conferencing allows for your business to keep your team, clients, or even prospects up-to-date.

S3 Technologies knows just how important communication is. Our experts can help you establish a successful communication strategy for your business and help you implement the technologies needed to make them work. If you would like more information give us a call at (505)242-5683 today!