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Get More Out of Your Business’ Technology

Every business is looking to technology to enhance their ability to support their operations and provide a better customer experience. Maximizing the value you get from your technology involves a combination of optimizing usage, staying updated, and using the tools and resources you’ve chosen efficiently. Here are some strategies:

Optimize Device Performance

In order to get your organization’s technology to function for your needs, you need to ensure that it works the way you intend it to work. Here are three ways you can work toward that end:

  • Regular maintenance – Clean up unnecessary files, update software, and perform regular maintenance checks.
  • Battery management – Use power-saving modes, adjust screen brightness, and close unused apps to extend battery life.
  • Upgrade hardware – Consider upgrading components like RAM, SSD, or GPU for better performance.

Stay Updated

Software plays a critical role in business nowadays, and there needs to be a strategy in place to ensure it doesn’t ultimately serve as another vulnerability. You have some options to consider:

  • Software updates – Keep your operating system and applications updated to benefit from the latest features and security patches.
  • New technologies – Stay informed about new technologies and trends that could enhance your work or entertainment.

Enhance Productivity

Technology can present a lot of value to organizations to support growth in productivity, but knowing what tools to use may be a little difficult to identify. Let’s take a look at some of the tools people are using to improve productivity:

  • Automation tools – Use tools, like macros, scripts, or automation software to streamline repetitive tasks.
  • Productivity apps – Utilize productivity apps for project management, note-taking, and time tracking.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Learn and use keyboard shortcuts to save time.

Increase Your Use of Cloud Services

Cloud tools have become the go-to for businesses that need to acquire resources and don’t want to incur huge hardware and software licensing costs.

  • Cloud storage – Use cloud storage services for easy access to your files from anywhere and for automatic backups.
  • Collaborative productivity tools – Utilize collaborative tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Slack for team projects.

Improve Security

The threat landscape is littered with businesses that don’t take cybersecurity seriously. Here are a couple of strategies that can help secure your business:

  • Strong passwords – Use strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and consider a password manager.
  • Two-Factor authentication – Enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.
  • Take regular backups – Perform regular data backups to protect against loss or ransomware attacks.

Enhance Training Mandates

Every business can benefit when its employees understand their roles more precisely. Here are a couple of ways you can improve your workers’ aptitude:

  • Online courses – Take online courses or tutorials to improve your skills in using specific software or hardware.
  • Webinars  – Attending webinars to learn about the latest technologies and best practices can better prepare employees for productivity. 

Your business can work better with the right technology and the IT professionals at S3 Technologies can help you sort through your issues to get where you want to be. Give us a call at (505)242-5683 to learn how we can help.

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