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Four Strategies to Help Build Robust Cybersecurity

Your business’ IT security effectiveness relies heavily on how well your technology works. With this in mind, educating your staff on their responsibility to safeguard your business’ digital assets is important. Let’s explore the key priorities businesses need to consider to establish a robust security training platform that works to protect those assets.

Your Security Posture

You might have encountered the term “security posture,” indicating how proactive an individual is in protecting themselves online. With the prevalence of cloud-based applications and the increasing adoption of remote work, employees play a vital role in organizational cybersecurity. 

Here are four considerations to guide your cybersecurity strategy:

Get Employees Engaged

Making network security engaging for individuals outside the security domain requires creativity. Relatability is crucial; use real-world examples in educational materials to connect with employees who may have experienced identity theft or data leaks. Demonstrate that the measures to protect the company align with actions taken to safeguard personal data.

Keep Promoting Security

People are impressionable, and a security-rooted company culture can significantly impact employee behavior. Consistently emphasizing the importance of comprehensive security will resonate with your staff and get them to subconsciously consider doing the things to keep from running afoul of IT administrators’ attempts at securing a network. 

Train and Test

Pushing the security agenda is essential, but it must be coupled with training tailored to address specific issues. Employees need to grasp concepts such as avoiding phishing, understanding network resources, recognizing their role in data protection, practicing solid password management, and knowing how to respond to security mistakes. Regular testing goes a long way toward growing security awareness and understanding.

Stay Out in Front

You have to come to grips with the fact that network security may not be a primary concern for the average employee. Assure them that decision-makers address these issues but also acknowledge their role in safeguarding the business. You’ll want to adopt a supportive approach, providing documentation and resources to bridge gaps in understanding. Focus on conveying the importance of following procedures rather than delving into intricate IT system details.

At S3 Technologies, we can assist you in developing a comprehensive plan to protect your business from end-to-end. Our consultants can help formulate procedures and a training plan to equip your business with the necessary resources for enhanced security. For more information, contact us today at (505)242-5683.

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