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Companies Seeing a Lot of Turnover in Their IT Teams

We all know the importance of IT maintenance and management when it comes to effectively running a business, but it’s really hard to ensure that your technology is being properly maintained when your staff have one foot out the door. A new survey from Gartner suggests that IT employees are more likely to leave your business than other non-IT employees, and this puts a heavier burden on you to make sure technology is properly taken care of.

What Do the Numbers Say?

Gartner’s latest Global Labor Market Survey indicates that only 29.1 percent of IT employees have solid plans to remain with their current employers. This number seems to be quite low, especially considering the important role that technology plays in most businesses. Depending on where you are looking, the numbers can get even more dire. According to the survey, only 19.6 percent of IT workers in Asia plan to stick with their current jobs. Other numbers include New Zealand and Australia at 23.6 percent, Latin America at 26.9 percent, and Europe at 38.8 percent.

So, as you can see, even the most optimistic numbers are still quite high, with the global average of 10.2 percent of IT staff being less likely to stay at their current job compared to non-IT employees. It’s thought that these numbers have come about as a result of employees reassessing their career choices and priorities in the post-pandemic world. Naturally, they should not be faulted for doing so, but it does put your organization in a bit of a bind, especially if your organization relies heavily on IT, as many do.

Why Does This Matter for Your Business?

Simply put, considering the higher rate of turnover for IT workers within businesses, it makes sense that you would want to eliminate as much of the unpredictability as possible. Therefore, we recommend that you work with a managed service provider like S3 Technologies to ensure that you are not left without the IT talent to keep your business running effectively.

When you work with S3 Technologies, you get several benefits. For one, you remove the task of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding IT staff, meaning that you basically get all of that time back to be productive with your own tasks in the workplace. You also remove the time you might spend without a technician should your current staff decide it is time to jump ship and move on to greener pastures. A lot can happen while you are working to replace a missing employee, and you want as little turnover time as possible. Essentially, what you get is predictability and the reassurance that there will always be someone there to help your organization with IT, no matter what happens in this crazy, chaotic world we live in.

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