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Baseline Cybersecurity

More than any time before, cybersecurity has to be a major consideration for businesses. It is, in fact, one of the biggest problems the modern business has to face day-in and day-out. Shortage in cybersecurity talent and antiquated strategies are making it difficult for businesses to find the knowledgeable resources that will help them work to secure their network and data from threats to the business.  

Cybersecurity is in large part eliminating risk. Today, we share six tips that will go a long way toward helping a business understand where the threats come from. Of course, these aren’t ironclad policies enacted to protect data. They are simply tips designed to help an organization better manage their computing resources from cybercriminals: 

#1 – Keep a Clear Inventory of Assets

What do you need to protect? Everything? Then you need to inventory everything. This includes every wire, extra peripheral, and piece of software your business has purchased. By knowing exactly what hardware and software you possess, the easier it will be to manage it. 

#2 – Educate Users on Cybersecurity Best Practices

By training your staff on the best practices needed to secure your business’ computing network, you are giving them more than just a security lesson. We like to call it cyber hygiene. Since their cyber behavior matters, the more they know about how to spot phishing attacks, how to create and use proper passwords, and how to build work profiles on their mobile devices, the stronger your organization’s security efforts are.

#3 – Address the Shadow IT Problem

Shadow IT may not be at the top of the list of priorities. Some people won’t be familiar with the term. It is software that is downloaded by end users that hasn’t been approved by an organization’s IT administrator. In order to keep software from being vulnerable it has to actively be patched with security updates. If end-users are just downloading any program they want, what’s stopping an infected program from appearing on your business’ network one day? Nothing. Make sure your staff has a clear understanding of what software is allowed and how to download and update approved software titles.

#4 – Have Tools In Place

Comprehensive cybersecurity is dependent on sticking to solid practices, understanding the threats, and having the tools in place to ensure that security can be maintained. Tools such as antivirus and anti-malware, content filtering, spam blocking, and a strong, constantly updated firewall go a long way toward giving any organization a shot at keeping threats from becoming a huge problem for a business. 

#5 – Sometimes IT Gets Old

Traditionally, the older a piece of technology gets, the less effective it is. Having a strategy of upgrading away from old technology, and keeping your technology patched and updated, your company will have the best chance of protecting your business’ digital assets and keeping malware, hackers, and the like out of your network.

Do you need technology tools and services to keep your business safe? Our professional technicians can help you with many facets of your cybersecurity policy. Call S3 Technologies at (505)242-5683 today.