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AI Can Help Your Business Stay Secure

When it comes to network security, businesses need all the advantages they can get, especially since cybersecurity as an industry is one which is rapidly adjusting and responding to an enormous amount of ever-changing threats. One way in which security researchers have attempted to subvert this security rat race is through artificial intelligence measures, a trend that promises to change the way businesses protect themselves more effectively.

How Does AI Security Work?

At its core, AI security is a set of tools that can automatically identify and respond to perceived threats on a network. This autonomous activity is dictated and guided by previous or similar activity, so you can say that AI security solutions grow more adept at identifying threats over time. Since AI is always trying to learn more about how to identify threats, you can expect a large number of false positives and false negatives during this process, but overall, the process involved is much less involved on your part because it is automated. AI security can even piece together trends and identify suspicious activity in that regard, making it quite sophisticated for a security solution.

What Are the Benefits?

Security professionals are expensive to find and hire, especially for small businesses with limited budgets and deadlines. AI can shore up these problems by providing an automated system that can identify and learn from threats over time. Furthermore, AI can actually decrease the amount of time invested in discovering threats, which also in turn cuts down on costs over time. However, it should be noted that AI security can become a burden if your organization has no one to manage or maintain it.

Is AI Security the Future?

Considering the decreasing trends in cybersecurity employment, it makes sense for an autonomous and automated solution to increase in popularity and usefulness. If left unchecked, this unfilled labor gap could increase to 3.5 million positions by the end of this year! AI makes for an easy-to-implement solution that does not care about hiring and training practices, but it is expected that AI will be more effective if it is used to make workflows and procedures of security employees easier and more efficient.

How Can Your Business Use AI Security?

AI security is not exactly inaccessible to small businesses. In fact, there are plenty of security solutions out there specifically geared toward small businesses that can be scaled according to their specific needs and security goals. We can implement AI security that aligns with your organization’s operational goals and works toward improving operations for your existing employees.

You can count on S3 Technologies to help your business stay apprised of the latest security measures and developments, including AI security. To learn more about how you can secure your organization’s future with the latest and greatest technology solutions, reach out to us at (505)242-5683.