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AI Can Help You Run Your Business Efficiently

Not everyone understands the ways that businesses can leverage artificial intelligence, among the most popular of emerging technologies, to improve the way they do business. This is because there is fundamental confusion about what exactly AI is capable of. This month, we thought we would take a brief look at AI and how it can be used by even the smallest business to build more efficient operations.

Why Efficiency is Important

For businesses that have been rockin’ and rollin’ for some time, finding new ways to accomplish their goals isn’t always a priority. Think about it, if you run a sandwich shop, and your staff pumps out sandwiches as ordered, it’s a fair question to ask how any technology can work to make your business more efficient. People place orders, they pick up their food (or they get it delivered), rinse, repeat. What may surprise these business owners is that the act of making and delivering sandwiches is only a small percentage of your actual business. All the other parts of your business: supply chain/inventory; human resources; security; and all other facets can be improved to make your business more productive, and ultimately more profitable. 

So building efficiency isn’t all about the active productivity toward building your product or performing your service. It’s also about ensuring that every part of your business is handled efficiently. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. Well, really automation, but what’s better than automation that you have to constantly monitor and adjust? Automation that adjusts on its own. Let’s look at a few ways AI is transforming business processes to help companies build efficiency.

Improving Customer Service

Your customers appreciate efficiency. Whether that means attentiveness at the counter, an easy-to-use website, or simply support that doesn’t take them in circles, having efficient processes can make a huge difference for your business. Today, businesses can leverage tools with built-in AI that not only assess the quality of service a customer gets, it can help a business by automating costly support that is on par with any that humans can provide. Not only that, it can do it through a number of separate mediums so that regardless of where a customer needs support, the software can get the information the customer needs without a lot of hand wringing.

Enhancing Product Development

AI is revolutionizing many businesses’ product development processes. Today, there are tools available that can help businesses build better products and services simply by providing the parameters that go into it. This not only saves countless man hours coming up with ideas that never come to fruition, it provides options for administrative teams to work through to get products and services to market faster. 

Rethinking Sales and Marketing Processes

There are many management platforms for a business to choose from, but today’s most dynamic uses AI to alter the way sales and marketing teams use data. Some platforms go as far as being able to predict which current customers are ripe for an upsell, which prospects will be more lucrative partners, and even which companies could be in a position to look to your competitors. It gives sales teams the tools to know which companies they should engage and how to engage them. 

Employee Recruitment

One of the more interesting ways AI is working for companies is in human resources. There are AI-fueled platforms that use the technology to assess potential hires and find companies the right fit for their needs. This not only streamlines the hiring process by removing the need for multiple rounds of interviews, it can allow a business to find the talent they need faster than ever. 

AI is more than a buzzword, it is the future of business. If you would like to learn more about which artificial intelligence-aided tools could work for your business, give the technology professionals at S3 Technologies a call at (505)242-5683.