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Month: January 2022

Avoiding Scams Starts with Awareness

The world is full of people who would try to take advantage of your organization and its employees—or, in less gratifying words, scammers. They will do everything they can to try to fool your company and make a quick buck doing so. How can you make sure that the countless messages and phone calls you […]
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Productivity Software is Smarter Than Ever

All businesses rely on software to an extent, but there are several that transcend industry or organization size and can be implemented by most businesses to improve productivity. Let’s go over some of the common types of software you might find in a business environment and why you should consider implementing them for your own […]
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The Best Smartphones Right Now – Flagships

There’s no denying that the smartphone has completely changed the way in which we live. Today’s world is much more connected—for better or worse—and the majority of content is viewed using a smartphone. Let’s take a look at three of the very best smartphones available in the early stages of 2022.
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