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Month: February 2021

AI Can Help You Run Your Business Efficiently

Not everyone understands the ways that businesses can leverage artificial intelligence, among the most popular of emerging technologies, to improve the way they do business. This is because there is fundamental confusion about what exactly AI is capable of. This month, we thought we would take a brief look at AI and how it can […]
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VoIP Is the Ultimate Addition By Subtraction

With high-speed Internet practically being a necessity for today’s business, it isn’t a surprise that Voice over Internet Protocol has taken off in popularity over the past couple of years. A business that utilizes VoIP for communications rather than a telephone provider can expect to benefit in many ways. These are just a few of […]
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Securing Utilities Has to Be a Priority

It’s been reported that a hacker virtually broke into a Floridian water treatment facility and briefly increased the levels of sodium hydroxide in the Pinellas County water supply. Fortunately, onsite operators noticed the spike and reduced it right away, keeping the public from risk of increased levels of poison in their water. This is just […]
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3 March IT Holidays You Should Know

If you look hard enough, there is a “novelty” holiday for just about every day of the year. While many are of the fun and goofy variety, like March 13 being National Earmuff Day and March 28 being National Something On a Stick Day, others are used to remind us of important ideals and practices. […]
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Threats Can Come From Inside Your Business, Too

With so many companies having to deal with security problems coming in from the Internet, they may think that securing against an attack coming in from the outside is where all their attention should go. This can be an oversight that could have dire consequences for your business. This month, we tell you why you […]
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Tip of the Week: The Guide to Optimal Password Efficacy

Your business’ security largely depends on how secure the passwords are that keep your resources from being accessed without authorization. Despite this, many users—perhaps even you—frequently sacrifice sufficient security measures in favor of the simple and convenient route, cutting corners when coming up with their passwords. Let’s try and remedy this by reviewing a few […]
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