Your Business Can Enhance Productivity Through Mobile

Today’s business takes effort that extends beyond traditional ways of doing things, and technology is at the center of these efforts. One of the avenues that businesses are using right now to boost productivity is by allowing workers to use the mobility they use in their everyday life. Today, we’ll discuss how added mobility can help bring surprising boosts of productivity.

The Stain of Mobile

A lot of business owners think of the smartphone as a hindrance to productivity. Who can blame them? Businesses lose an average of 56 minutes per day in would-be productivity due to time wasted by employees on their smartphones. This often gives decision makers a skewed view of the actual impact and value these devices can have on their business’ overall productivity. 

How You Can Be Productive with Mobile

The mobile business includes people that actually work remotely and those that work in an office. Nearly every person in your workforce will have a productivity tool glued to their persons so why not do what you can to take advantage of that? There are things that the average person can do with their mobile device (besides distracting themselves) that can bring value to your organization, but you need to know what those are and how to leverage this increased mobility to improve your business. 


One of the best ways your business can leverage the mobile power your employees bring to your business is by having them use their mobile devices for communication. They are probably going to be using them anyway, so anything that can keep them from wasting time is a benefit.

Some of the applications that you can use include:

  • Video Conferencing – Smartphones have a built-in front-facing camera so they are an ideal device to conduct video meetings on. 
  • Collaboration tools – These are mobile-supported tools that allow teams to work together to meet business goals. Not only is there instant messaging built in, there are forums for wider team collaboration as well as several integrations for productivity apps, communication apps, and more. 
  • Telephone system – Today’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system provides users the ability to utilize mobile applications to make and receive calls with the same number that they use on their VoIP-enabled phone in the office. 

Collaboration is one of the most important aspects for businesses, so doing what you can on mobile devices not only extends the reach of a company, it provides customers with much better products and services and improves their experiences with your company.


While this whole article is about productivity, doing certain tasks on mobile is extremely difficult. So while people may not be able to produce at expected levels using mobile devices they can still do plenty that can help your business. This is especially true in certain areas of your business, such as sales and marketing. In fact, there are applications today that can help sales and marketing teams do most of their tasks with their smartphone. 


This is where mobility is a game changer. Managers and employees alike can use their smartphones to track tasks, schedule meetings, and effectively do any administrative tasks that need to be done. Moreover, HR administrators can use smartphones to manage a lot of their tasks, meaning more can be done from more places for a large portion of the company. 

With smartphones and other devices here to stay, having a mobile management plan that includes mobile device management in place is a must for almost any organization. For more information on how to properly use mobile devices inside the confines of your business, give S3 Technologies, Inc. a call at (505) 242-5683 today.